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Life is more than just work

Big on people.Not numbers.

We believe making a difference takes hard work, so that means inspiring extraordinary growth for a focused group of people. We work with talent from the best universities in South Africa and help them develop for years to come.

We sow, you sprout.

We’re proud to be a part of enriching South Africa’s talent. Development as an individual is fostered by adapting and working in new (international) environments, we’re here to help you grow. We are proud of who we are, where we originate from and what we do!

Let’s grow together.

We believe in the power of community. It accelerates growth and inspires us to improve, every single day! We aim to create long-lasting and strategic relationships with our People.

What goes around,comes around.

People are the centre of our organisation, and it is at the centre of our values to give back to the country that keeps on giving. Our approach is fiercely local, and it is our mission contribute to their growth by giving back.


Our approach is personal. We’re here with you every step of the way.

The whole package, and more.

Don’t sweatthe details.

Whether it’s your job role, a flight, visas, your dog or where to begin altogether – we take care of every little detail!

We’ve got youcovered.

We’re here to make the process seamless – that means we’re here for anything you need, even those tough conversations – we’re a family!

We’ve got youcovered.

We’re here to make the process seamless – that means we’re here for anything you need, even those tough conversations – we’re a family!

Get ready for life-changing experiences.

Life is more than just work. We’re serious about making your life more fun – it’s all about balance!

The FAQ’s

We know you’vegot questions.

Let’s get down to the facts


Simply email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. It’s that easy!

We aim to hire young professionals in the Engineering (preferably but not limited to EE,ME, Mechatronics) or Finance & Accounting space.

You are a talented young professional but most importantly, you are motivated to get international exposure and experience. After an initial discussion, we’ll need you to answer a few questions…and if you like you can answer one in Afrikaans - This helps some of our respected clients In the Netherlands to see how incredibly authentic and awesome South Africans are and how motivated you are to make this work.

We'll take care of your flights, how cool is that!
We will take the lead in getting your work permit - you just need to sit back and relax…for now. Once you have a working permit, we expect you to work hard, make people proud of who you are and what you can achieve.
If you’d like to bring a pet, we can look into making that happen for you!
They’re more than welcome to join you on this journey! They’re also able to work on your working permit if needed.
You’ll work for an array of our clients. These are carefully selected SMBs and or corporates that are open to diversity and inclusion and allow the opportunity to positively impact their business, but also share company culture and values similar to iSprout.

If you have a dual citizenship with a European passport, the process will be very fast (like a few weeks).

If you require a working permit, the process can range anywhere from 4-8 weeks after the signed agreement. But don’t worry, we have an excellent 3rd party that helps us get this done efficiently - they will guide you every step of the way, together with the iSprout team.

We’re definitely biased, but if we had one answer to give you:

We strive to grow and develop with our employees to make connections that matter. We may be a young company, but we’re here for the long way around, and back! Not only that but we’re here to support you in every way we can - that also means giving back to the South African communities that make it possible.

We’ve got you covered. We’ll even organize Dutch lessons, specifically tailored to South Africans. With only 8 lessons, you’ll be starting conversations all over the place!

That totally depends on you! The Netherlands is a fairly small place - from North to South and East to West, it only takes about 2.5 hours by car.

Our HQ is in Eindhoven, but that doesn’t mean you need to base yourself there. We’ll help show you around and find the right place!

Well, although we’re geared toward young professionals (mainly because of restrictive Dutch knowledge immigrant legislation) we’re always up for a challenge. Your current track record and other factors play a role but we’ll go beyond boundaries to make things happen. No promises, but we’ve seen really positive outcomes so far.
If one of the assignments is not working for you, we’ll strive to find you another one. We want you to be happy, and ultimately this will lead to balance in your life and happy clients in our business.


There’s always room to grow -Connect here to apply.

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