Empowering South African Graduates for global success is what we love to do. Living and working abroad can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your life. All over Europe you will find expats making a life for themselves on the Island continent. When you are a graduate that has just finished your degree in finance, engineering or accounting – there is a life waiting for you across the pond. 

Why Consider the Netherlands:

The Netherlands is one such country that is ideal for graduates wanting to grow internationally. With Amsterdam as its capital, tulips as the national flower and canals and windmills running through the country – this country is the top destination for young people looking for a new life experience. Whether you speak Dutch or not, The Netherlands has a large amount of English speaking jobs available for the taking. 

The Dutch prioritize a well-balanced work-life and emphasize family and leisure time by working fewer hours than other countries.. 35 hours per week is on average the amount of time you will spend in the office. Perfect for more time exploring or spending time with family and friends. There are also wonderful expat programmes to get involved in that can make your time away from home a pleasure. 

Why Are We Empowering South African Graduates:

South Africans have a strong willed nature and are extremely hard workers. That is why international countries often seek our nation to work within a country to increase skilled talent. Moving abroad can be overwhelming, especially when you have built your entire life in one place. There are certain areas that need to be polished and molded to be ready for the journey ahead. 

Empowering South African Graduates Through Mentorship:

Some of the ways to empower South Africans to work in the Netherlands is through mentorship programmes, financial assistance and job scouting. Mentorship programmes offer dynamic young people the chance to understand what is required to work and live in the Netherlands as well as gearing them up for the role they are applying for. There is also financial assistance in order to get your life started and of course finding the perfect role suited to your degree and passion. 


If you are dreaming about a life overseas but not sure how to get started or where to apply, iSprout is dedicated to helping you get started. There are some criteria to meet but we are here to ensure those are met. 

Get in touch today and you could be frolicking through the tulip fields tomorrow. Building your life and living your dreams in the Netherlands.