There are specific jobs in high demand in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is one of the best places to live and work in Europe. It offers expats picturesque sites, a high standard of living, exceptional healthcare and free high-quality education. For South Africans seeking to expand their opportunities there is no better place in Europe to work and live than the Netherlands.

The Netherlands offers a variety of opportunities for South African professionals seeking opportunities abroad. There are many opportunities across various industries. Getting a work VISA in the Netherlands is easier if the vacancy you can fill is in high demand. Here are the jobs in highest demand in the Netherlands:


The Netherlands, like its neighbour Germany, has a long history of innovation, high-tech engineering and science. A survey by a global talent agency found that the Netherlands posted 13% of all engineering job postings globally. In addition, the Netherlands has a strong stand on renewable energy. It has committed to create a reliable, sustainable and affordable energy system that generates 40% of its energy from sustainable sources.

This gives qualified Engineers in South Africa great job opportunities in the Netherlands. In order to apply for engineering jobs in the Netherlands, South African’s will need the relevant qualifications from an accredited institution.

Accountants and Financial Professionals

Opportunities in the financial sector are rife in the Netherlands where there is a lack of qualified accountants. In a survey conducted by Robert Walters, a global recruitment consultancy, in 2020, 42% of employers in the Netherlands reported a shortage of accounting and finance professionals. According to another study, the number of vacancies for accountants and auditors is expected to grow by 2.2% per year until 2025

In addition, the Netherlands has a high concentration of international companies and is home to many multinational corporations. These companies require accounting services to ensure compliance with Dutch accounting standards and regulations, which creates demand for accounting professionals.

FinTech and ICT Professionals

The Netherlands is a hub for financial and technical innovation in Europe and is ranked 3rd in Europe for startups and 5th for scaleups. This makes it the perfect location for ICT and fintech professionals looking for a job in Europe.

Furthermore, there are numerous multinational corporations that have or plan to open up headquarters in Amsterdam including top brands like KPMG, Bloomberg and Allianz to name a few. This makes for plentiful opportunities for ICT professionals from South Africa looking for job opportunities in the Netherlands.

Finding a job opportunity in the Netherlands

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