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Automotive & Aerospace

Research and development of the world’s leading technological advances in smart and green mobility. Brainport, Eindhoven is at the centre of it all!


Machine Development

Innovative design, development and production of machines and equipment for some of the most competitive companies in the Netherlands.



A cutting-edge hub for High-Tech systems and materials, offering you the chance to be a part of the future’s most innovative technologies.


Energy and Renewables

A thriving industry racing to reshape the way we use and consume energy in a bid to make the planet a greener, more sustainable environment.

Mechanical. Electrical. Mechatronics. Software. Robotics.

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We’re challenging the narrative of ‘normal’ company culture to bring you an unrivalled working environment, that really works.

We’ve got youcovered.

We’re here to make the process seamless – that means we’re here for anything you need, even those tough conversations – we’re a family!

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