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About this Vacancy

iSprout is looking for a Business Developer. iSprout is leading the way to source international top talent from South Africa and facilitate job-placement in the Netherlands. It connects directly with the Top 5 South African Universities and is “ready to scale”. This entrepreneurial Business Developer has a strong personality, a proven track record and can challenge the status quo.


As a Business Developer you are engaging with C-level at potential top clients. By challenging and analysing their existing recruitment and talent sourcing strategy, you position iSprout’s unique USPs. You engage multi-level and also position yourself as a Thought Leader in this field. Sales engagements can take long, but the aim is to build strategic relationships where ultimately you breathe the client’s strategy. We aim for high-quality engagements.

You are a creative mind, work according to a plan and are able to get to concrete results. You actively follow the news in certain key markets and use this in your communication and outreach.

You will also closely liaise with some of the leading universities and candidates in South Africa and will be supported by a small team of passionate people. Passionate about the opportunities, South Africa’s talent pool and the mission and purpose of iSprout.

You will report directly to the CEO and you will be a sounding board for commercial strategy. You realise that this function is not “set in stone” but offers the opportunity to mould the function in its best shape and form.

Further responsibilities

  • Invent and execute on sales campaigns
  • Build and actively engage a network of clients in the Brainport region / Netherlands.
  • Closely align with a local marketing team in South Africa
  • Initiate and stimulate new innovations within iSprout
  • Occasionally travel to South Africa on a need-to basis to align/take clients

This function requires HBO-level background, ideally with experience in the recruitment/job placement industry. However, we will review each serious candidate that wants to make this a success.


iSprout is a start-up company based in the Brainport region in the Netherlands/Eindhoven. We are on a mission to create life-changing experiences for top-talented South Africans with a university degree, while giving back to the communities that make this possible.

Why iSprout?

  • We will offer a competitive package with a strong incentive to grow with us.
  • Although being a start-up, we are part of a family of strong labels and people that support us. Ask us for the details!
  • If you love a purpose-driven company, this is your chance to really change people’s lives and make this world a better place.
  • You can determine your own future, experience the start-up culture while having a network of high-quality people around you.
  • If you have been to for example Cape Town before….you know why this is one of the best places in world and this is why we spread this message as well. We want to give back!


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